“Milwaukee is someplace special. You can raise a family with the amenities of a big city, but with a small city feel. It’s the type of place that you’re proud to call home.”

Miller ParkMilwaukee is located about 100 miles north of Chicago, along the banks of Lake Michigan. With approximately 650,000 residents, Milwaukee is one of America’s big, little cities. When you come here, you get the best of both worlds; Milwaukee is home to many international companies and has a thriving job market, and it also has a party mentality that celebrates beer. This city was built on brewing and its roots can still be seen here today. The average Milwaukee restaurant will hand you a beer menu that would rival the wine list at even the highest end establishments. This is a city that takes its beer seriously.

The summer months in Milwaukee are what it’s all about. The winters here are cold and unforgiving, but it makes the summer that much brighter. The Summerfest Grounds host almost every ethnic fest you can imagine over the course of the summer. From Greek fest to Festa Italiana, and German fest to African World fest…they’re all here. Fireworks, courtesy of Bartolotta Fireworks, on the Fourth of July are an amazing display along the lakefront that mark the high of the summer time fun. And as if that isn’t enough, Summerfest is the largest live music festival in the country. Two weeks of non-stop music.

Food also sets this city apart. Not every city takes food serious. As you begin to move around this great country, you notice that the culture it some places doesn’t quite place as heavy an emphasis on food. Milwaukee isn’t one of those. The culture here embraces small, family owned establishments, and  a fresh, made-from-scratch mentality. It has a food scene that rivals that of bigger cities. It may not be the biggest place you’ve ever been, but it makes up for it with quality. Spend some time in Milwaukee, it’s a place you won’t soon forget!

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